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Philosophy 133 001 Fall 2010 UC Berkeley Philosophy of Language

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Philosophy 133 001 Fall 2010 UC Berkeley Philosophy of Language

Philosophy of Language

Contributor Brendan Scott
Language English


Reviewer: ckqqwpvf - favoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - May 16, 2014
Subject: Great course
Very helpful for systematising thought in the philosophy of language.

Lecture titles:
lecture 1 Philosophy of Language – Distinctions and Overview
lecture 2 Use & Mention, J.L. Austin’s Speech Act Theory
lecture 3 Speech Acts – Twelve Features, Five Classifications
lecture 4 Classifications, cont., Grice’s Theory of Meaning
lecture 5 Grice, cont., Some Counterexamples, Intentionality
lecture 6 Expressibility, Rules, Representation, Intentional Acts
lecture 7 Theory of Human Action, Freedom of Will
lecture 8 Performatives, Assertives, Directives, Commisives
lecture 9 Review of Speech Act Taxonomy, Frege
lecture 10 Russell’s Paradox, Frege’s ‘Sense and Reference’
lecture 11 Frege, cont., Extensionality vs Intensionality, Russell
lecture 12 Russell’s ‘On Denoting’, Strawson’s ‘On Referring’
lecture 13 Review of Frege, Russell & Strawson, Twin-Earth
lecture 14 Russell vs Strawson, Indirect Speech Acts, Indexicals
lecture 15 Cluster theory & Kripke, Externalism vs Internalism
lecture 16 Externalism vs Internalism, cont., Indexicality, Truth
lecture 17 Theories of Truth, Objections to Correspondence
lecture 18 Answers to Objections to Correspondence Theory
lecture 19 Relativism, Solipsism, Background Capacities & Rules
lecture 20 Anthropology, Fiction, Non-explicitness, Commitments
lecture 21 Fiction cont., Grice’s Maxims, Indirect Speech Acts
lecture 22 Indirect Speech Acts, cont., Metaphor
lecture 23 Radical Contextualism, Metaphor, Quine’s Two Dogmas
lecture 24 Naturalism, Quine on Indeterminacy, Chomsky
lecture 25 Chomsky cont., Pictorial Representation
lecture 26 Picturing, cont., Performatives, Human Institutions
lecture 27 Social Construction, Externalism, Proper Names
lecture 28 Philosophy of Language in Wider Context, Metaphor

(thanks to Scott B at
Reviewer: BenjaminS.T. - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - September 28, 2012
Subject: UC Berkeley: Philosophy of Language Fall Quarter 2010
So far I've tried the first lecture and have to say that it is very information intensive. I have to be sure to maintain my focus of attention just to make certain I can begin to understand all the things being taught. The course comes with both written and audio files, but since my situation with my vision favors my use of the audio only at this time I have decided I will only see what I can learn by hearing the lectures on a mp3 player. UC Berkeley's Philosophy of Language from 2010 gives me a big reminder that going to collage as a student takes some developed talent as an accomplished learner, which fortunately for almost everyone can in part be attained by maintaining a steady interest in educating oneself.
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